Arnold Schwarzenegger shares details about his heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently shared major health update about heart surgery.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Arnold’s Pump Club podcast, the Terminator star revealed, “Last Monday, I had surgery to become a little bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker.”

Arnold recalled his doctor at Cleveland Clinic suggested him to “get a pacemaker after scar tissue” from one of the other procedures led to an irregular heartbeat.

“It had been like that for a few years, so I stayed in touch with my medical team and visited in person at least once a year to get a full check-up and see how my heart was doing,” said the 76-year-old.

Interestingly, Arnold mentioned he took a break from the gym after his pacemaker surgery.

Meanwhile, the actor also opened up about returning to work very soon to film Season 2 of his show FUBAR.

Arnold also explained why he didn’t share the news of his surgery, saying, “It goes against so much of my upbringing in Austria.”

In the end, the True Lies actor also gave a message to his fans who are facing similar health issues.

“I want you to know you aren’t alone. And if you’re putting something off out of fear, I hope I inspire you to listen to your doctors and take care of yourself,” he added.