Former US first lady, Michelle Obama will lose to Donald Trump if the pair were to contest for US president today, a new poll by Daily Mail claims.

Michelle Obama has never expressed any interest in running for president and this month her office made clear that was fully behind Joe Biden's run for reelection.

Yet the idea that the former first lady could be an alternative to the 81-year-old president is supported by a lot of Democratic party members.

An exclusive Partners poll shows she would not be better than Trump in a hypothetical match-up.

The poll of 1000 likely voters found that she would lose to the former US leader by three points in a hypothetical match-up.

'Some have been touting an emergency parachute for Biden for some time: draft Michelle Obama,' said pollster James Johnson, cofounder of J.L. Partners.


'But it turns out voters are no more keen to vote for Michelle over Trump than they are for Biden, with Trump beating her overall and even with Independents.

'It was never very realistic, but this poll puts paid to the idea she can be any kind of saving force for the Democrats.'


J.L. Partners polled 1000 likely voters from March 20 to 24 via landline, cellphone, SMS and apps. The results carry a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percent.