Elvis Presley's step-brother reveals the superstar's kindhearted gestures

Elvis Presley's step-brother, David Stanley, gave a rare insight into the superstar's kind gestures towards people around him.

For the unversed, the "King of Rock and Roll" wholeheartedly welcomed his step-family after his father, Vernon Presley, tied the knot following his mother's demise in 1958. 

In conversation with The Mirror, David said, "When we came in to the house (Graceland) there was Dee, a hot, blonde and beautiful woman, who was not his mother, but Vernon’s new wife - the stepmom - with three young boys. Elvis easily could have said ‘pop that is too much baggage emotionally.'"

The musician's step-brother added, "But he did the opposite. He welcomed us into his family and shared 17 years of his life with us." 

David shared, "He always threw me on his shoulders as at that time I had braces on my legs. I didn’t know what an Elvis Presley was. I knew what a Santa Claus was. It was just my one had sideburns. That was the introduction to his heart and his joy of giving."

He dubbed Elvis a "born giver." David continued, "I don’t think he ever thought about money. He would buy people cars. And he didn't do that every now and again, he did it all the time. It was sometimes a daily thing."