King Charles, Kate Middleton, Prince William hold secret meeting

King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate hold talks before issuing any major statement as they are all on the same page and the real force to run the affairs of the monarchy with devotion and spirits.

The 75-year-old monarch has reportedly held a very crucial meeting with Prince William and Kate Middleton to discuss the future of the monarchy amid health fears and ongoing speculations about his abdication and succession plans.

In the meeting, the King has asked his eldest son to prepare for his future role and gave courage to Princess Kate, who's battling cancer.

Princess Kate, according to UK media outlets, issued her cancer video statement after King Charles's approval as she held a meeting with her father-in-law before recording heartbreaking video.

The monarch, who's also battling cancer, travelled from London for a private lunch with his beloved daughter-in-law Kate to encourage and give blessings before her major decision.

Princess Kate and King Charles appeared to be a real fighters as they admitted that the discovery of cancer was a "huge shock" but vowed they were "going to be OK".

The meeting was secret and highly unusual for them to sit down together like this. The King had already been made aware the future Queen had cancer.

“They are very close and he thinks of Catherine as his daughter. There is no doubt there is a lot they can share and can use each other for support during their own deeply personal cancer battles," a source told The Sun. 

Cameron Walker, GB News's royal Correspondent, reported from Windsor Castle on Saturday that well-wishers began leaving flowers for Kate with best wishes and prayers after knowing about her cancer.

The King has also discussed succession plan with William, who his father to continue until his eldest son Prince George, second to line of throne, comes to a certain age.

It's also being claimed that Queen Camilla, who was officially crowned with the King last year, also joined them during the crucial discussion. The monarch is reportedly carrying out his duty to ensure the throne is there for future generations.

King Charles is facing mounting pressure to set an example by celebrating his son's crowing ceremony in his life. Some have requested the King to take proper care of his health and enjoy the rest of his life with grandchildren.