Kate Middleton's cancer gives birth to question about monarchy's future

Kate Middleton's revelation about her cancer diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue to the world after weeks of relentless scrutiny over Catherine's health.

Kate's suffering can not be expressed in words or judged by her appearance in emotional video clip as she took a daring and admirable step to give hope, courage and support to fellow cancer sufferers, telling them: 'Please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone.'

Her step is of course a worthy of salute as it takes a lot of courage to make such move. She was little nervous and rubbing her hand but her words and eyes were giving an impression as she won't let her disease to defeat her as she shared her story on her own terms and in her own words.

But the decision to connect with the public by herself she made after consultation with her husband, Prince William, who is heir to the British throne.

According to CNN, it is an extraordinary moment for the British monarchy as the Firm is now facing one of its biggest crises in recent memory, with two of its most senior family members, Princess Kate and King Charles, essentially out of action. 

The situation also leaves Prince William and Queen Camilla to front the institution while caring for their spouses. The cancer diagnosis of the future Queen comes on the heels of her father-in-law’s own health battle, which was revealed in early February.

The 75-year-old monarch has temporarily stepped away from public duties though he continues his constitutional obligations behind the scenes.

The Princess of Wales, who's out of action since Christmas, also acknowledged that it has been a challenging few weeks for her and the family. But, she made it clear that they are trying to preserve some semblance of normality for their children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Kate and William reportedly wanted to wait for their young children to be out of school for the Easter holidays before making the announcement, however social media attacks forced the mother-of-three to take such big step. 

Now, Princess Kate is said to be in good spirits and firmly focused on her recovery but in the heartfelt statement, she called on the public to "understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space and privacy."