Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia has criticized singer Harrysong for mistreating and bodyshaming his wife for having only female children.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Alexer disclosed her husband’s cheating and marital experiences.

The singer’s wife claimed that Harrysong had always denied love to her, but married her out of pity.

Popular Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia has slammed musician Harrysong after his wife accused him of mistreating and bodyshaming her for having only female children.

In a recent interview with media personality Daddy Freeze, Alexer discussed her husband’s history of cheating and their marriage struggles.

The singer’s wife stated that Harrysong had always told her that he never loved her and just married her out of pity.

She said that the ‘Reggae Blues’ hitmaker’s cheating had gotten to her and that she had experienced numerous infections.

According to her, Harrysong desired a male child, which usually generated conflict between them.

Reacting, Etinosa, in an Instagram post, recounted her last disastrous marriage, alleging that she got married to a monster at the age of 22.

The movie star remarked that men look for younger women in their 20s to marry because they believe they can easily bully them.

She further blasted Harrysong for his discrimination against female children, claiming that female children are also exploited, referring to Okonjo Iweala, Director General of the World Trade Organization.

Etinosa Idemudia wrote:

“This is really sad! Hmmmmmm takes me back to when I was 22 and married a monster. Same hell, different devil. Dear parents, please let’s reduce the pressure to get married at such a tender age. A lot of men run away from 30+ women and marry 20+ old women because they know they can bully them at ease. Parents need to do better in raising their sons.

“Dammm, I really used to have respect for that agbakpan. The past that hurts me the most is when she said he stopped sending money for the children because the woman left. Innocent children that are now collateral damage. Children that never asked you to birth them in the first place.

“Only a fool will discriminate against a female child over a male child. In this 2024? Is Okonjo Iweal a joke to you? Is Etinosa Idemudia a joke to you? Keep sleeping on the girl child you illiterate. On top how many property you get sef wey you dey find male child? Udozuwa Wagbon.

Plot twist, dumbo! You can only get a male child when you put it into her womb. Her eggs don’t determine gender, your cells do. But you wouldn’t know that would you? Because you say school na scam.”

Tell me what a male child represents that I Etinosa Idemudia am not greater than and more. Do you know how many properties I own? How many of my father’s properties I control and how much of a pillar I am in my family? My sister too !! Big Vikki!!! Yooo African culture and mentality una dey fxck up!!!

Don’t freaking undermine the girl child.

This is 2024!! Wake up

You wey be male child you go beat your chest call yourself pride of your family as your life dey like so? Torr I’m happy the lady left that marriage because after killing her self esteem, she would have been next 💔💔💔.”