It was a perfect Princess birthday party for Divine, the beautiful daughter of UK's glamorous Publisher of Charming Magazine, Maureen Charming Layokun.

Maureen who is known for her crowd pulling and lavish events aimed at celebrating her daughter's milestone in a unique way and many affirmed that she achieved that feat!

The party was a glamorous affair with pop glam!

Divine, who turned 25, wowed guests with her stunning outfits on the day! Talk about the big 25! She was breathtaking! It was her day, and she shone and mesmerised all. 

For her special day, Divine chose a stunning, sparkly black dress, capturing the essence of the celebration. She later changed into a pretty short, pink dress.

Need I stress that food and drinks were a lavish feature at the party?

The Layokuns made sure everyone was well attended  to, as there was more than enough food to go around.

     Divine, looking radiant on the Cover of Charming Magazine.

There were varieties of drinks. It was an open bar affair with impressive Bartenders who made remarkable cocktails. The guests were also treated to some tasty delights. 

It was evident that Divine, an affectionate, beautiful, strong, kindhearted,highly spirited, hard-working lady, is well loved by her friends; as they showered her with gifts, flowers, and accolades.

"Divine gives good vibes. She is always smiling, very respectful. She has a passion for digital media and loves malt drinks," one of her friends said.

The excitement was endless as family, friends, and well wishers adored in different shades of white celebrated her. 

Guest flew into London from across the globe. It was obvious all had great fun. The music came with a unique sound specially hand picked by the DJ and the happy guests danced and jollied non stop. 

At the end of the event, Divine expressed gratitude to everyone who made her day special.

Roseonallsides.com was present at the event and brings you these lovely photos from the unforgettable event.

     Toyin TSB and Rose Graham

   Maureen Charming Layokun,  Toyin TSB, Rose Graham, and Folusho

     Toyin TSB, Maureen Layokun, and Rose Graham