Shakira's still healing and reflecting after split. 

Shakira opened up about the sacrifices she made during her 12-year relationship with professional footballer Gerard Piqué. 

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the iconic singer confessed to putting her career on hold to support Piqué's football pursuits.

"For a long time, I put my career on the back burner to stand by Gerard while he pursued his football career," she revealed. "There were significant sacrifices made in the name of love."

Shakira who shares sons Milan and Sasha with Piqué, previously emphasized the extent of her sacrifices for her children and her former partner. 

Her willingness to prioritize family over her own career highlights the depth of her commitment to her loved ones.

In an interview with Billboard back in September 2023, the singer bared her soul about the deeply personal sacrifices she made and the unexpected turn her romantic journey took. 

"My priority was my home, my family. I believed in till death do us part," Shakira expressed, reflecting on her upbringing and the unwavering love between her parents. "That's what I wanted for myself and my children," she added.

Following her split with she found herself in a period of reflection and introspection.

"I'm still in a reflective period," she shared. "I'm still exorcising some demons. The last I have left," she added, revealing the ongoing process of healing and self-discovery.