This just goes to say that a wedding ceremony, with all of Its trappings & whatnots, is a different ball game entirely to a marriage. Which is the real deal! 

It's not just about the fun, camaraderie, razzmatazz, and more alone.But it's more about mutual respect, endurance, friendship, sacrifices, and loads more. 

These duo were the envy of all less than 2 years ago, when they went all out to solemnize their love. The very public wedding ceremony cost millions of dollars and was celebrated over days. 

Fashion, glamour, and more were on fleek all through. Much to the admiration of all, most likely to the envy of all too. The handsome & wealthy Nigerian-(American) businessman even commissioned Africa's nos 1 stylist @swankyjerry to take care of his style. The dude delivered 200%. 

The lovers even flew in to Nigeria, Benin, in Edo states, where Simon is from, to touch down with the traditional aspect of the ceremony. It was like a 'match made' in love heaven. Husband even gave the love of his life Porsha, a popular reality tv queen & entrepreneur, a brand spanking new Rolls Royce to demonstrate his love after they had made a vow for forever. To further show his love he even tattooed his lady's name on himself! 

But alas, after only 15 months, they actually announced their engagement after dating just a month prior in May 2021! 

The native law & custom was at the 4 seasons in Atlanta in front of 250 guests. The Edo culture was well sold to the world on the day in fashion, food & more. The American wedding happened afterwards. People flew in in torrents from across the globe! 

The bride changed into 7 dazzling outfits over the 2 ceremonies! That left mouth agape in wonderment! 

Porsha is 42, a mother of 1 daughter 4 years old from a previous relationship. Simon is 59 & a father of 5 older children. 

Their humongous wedding began in November of 2022. 

While Simon is thought to have issues with his citizenship status, the cause of divorce is stated as 'ongoing matter'.