Steve Harvey on daughters' boyfriends 

Steve Harvey can’t seem to have anything less than best for his daughters, and he is more than ready to kick out any of his daughters’ boyfriends, if they are not worth it.

“If I spot a bad one, I get rid of them,” Harvey, 67, told Us Weekly on Friday, March 22, while promoting The Steve Harvey Network.

“I make no bones about it, so they’re very careful when they bring them.”

Steve is the father of four girls.

Along with being a father for Marjorie Harvey’s daughters, Morgan, 38, and Lori, 27, after marrying her in 2007, Steve also shares twins Karli and Brandi, 40, with his ex-wife Marcia Harvey.

“You can think a person is wonderful, but everybody’s wonderful in the beginning. Everybody, you always meet the mask,” he continued. 

“The mask can last for about 90 days, and then after a while, the mask starts unraveling, and I just try to wait on that period. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t.”

“But if you come in the house, and I know right off the top that you’re just not a good guy, I start the reading process right away,” he added.

“I don’t say nothing to my daughter, I just, behind the scenes, I start working toward getting rid of this guy.”