Late Herbert Wigwe and Emir Sanusi Lamido

Around 1am this morning, I played back the tribute of former CBN Gov and Emir Sanusi Lamido during Herbert Wigwe's night of tribute

It underscored the importance of Loyalty and building a network of good friends 

According to Sanusi, he was detroned as Emir by 9am. The plan was to send him on exile for many years. But by 12 noon, his friend Herbert had chattered a plane to pick Sanusi and his family from Kano airport

Instead of moving on exile, Herbert moved Sanusi and Family to Lagos, kept them in a Hotel for fews days and later rented an apartment for him ( all expense paid) 

Last nite, a whole Sanusi was weeping on Live TV over the beautiful memories with Herbert. 

It was one call to Herbert that saved Sanusi from shame and exile. 

For those who do not understand how powerful friendship and network is, keep burning bridges  

One day, you will be stranded but your "Saviour" Will be nowhere because you have destroyed the bridge

I am a beneficiary of network. I am a testimony of Loyalty. I have been saved several times by just ONE call. Believe me when I say you may not be a Rich man, but your network of solid friends will work for you. 

Source: Viral Post