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Ruth Kadiri was born on March 24, 1988, in Benin City, Edo State, southern Nigeria. She was the first of two children, and her father’s name is Desmond Kadiri.

She attended the University of Lagos and Yaba College of Technology, where she studied mass communication and business administration.

Ruth Kadiri is presently the founder of Ruth Kadiri 247, which publishes movies once a week on its site.

Some social media users have questioned Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri for keeping her marriage hidden from the public.

The director, who is celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary today, had written nice messages to her partner.

Ruth Kadiri posted a snapshot of a united hand on her Instagram feed, along with a wonderful remark to go with it.

    Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri stated that she couldn’t have wished for a better partner throughout their five years of marriage, claiming that marriage had brought her happiness and calm.

Many readers flocked to the blog’s comment section to question her about her frequent hiding of her partner.

One Pacific Homes And Properties wrote, “Na only hand we dey see ooo. Wey una faces na?

One Igbo Youth Connect wrote, “5 years in and na only hand and ear we don see

One Tobillion wrote, “Why is she always hiding her husband’s face? Na that one dey make relationship last now?

One Mr. Raand wrote, “Keep hiding him Madam because people of this world dey wicked especially ladies

One Mawrine Cheks wrote, “One day one day, Nigerians will find him

One Gifty wrote, “So una never still get the man face I love it