Driving back from an event . . . . πŸš—

Wife : So those ladies are your childhood friends πŸ™‚

Me : Yes Babes; they are . . . . Cool people shey?πŸ™‚

Wife : You and Nancy seemed close πŸ™‚

Me : We go back a long way, you could say that hahahaha..πŸ˜‹

Wife : Hmmm . . . . I could tell from the way she hugged you πŸ™‚

Me : What do you mean BabeπŸ€”?

Wife : I'm just saying….the hug looked intimate, something about the way she held you and took time before she let go . . . . and the way she looked into your eyes.🫑

Me : But Ngozi and Mary hugged me too😏

Wife : Not the same way Nancy did. You know what let's just drop it….😞

Me : Hmmmm….Okay Babes.🌝

After a short while…..

Wife : It's funny how she spent more time talking to you than talking to other guys at the bash. Her jokes were not even funnyπŸ˜’

Me : I thought we were dropping it.🌝

Wife : All I'm saying is she must learn to respect other peoples' men……at least in their wives presence. 

If I didn't know any better I would think you’re sleeping with her πŸ˜’

Me : How did this escalate to that level now?😐

Wife : Ohhhh . . . . did I strike a nerve?😏

Me : It's just that I don't see what you’re talking about babe..

Wife : Oh . . . . so you are defending her now?😳

Me : No, I don't know what you talking about please.

Wife : I know what I saw; unless you think I'm stupid or crazy πŸ˜’

Me : Look at this idiot skipping the traffic light 😳

Wife : Oohhhhh hahaha!!! You're changing the subject now?

Wife : At least he skipped a light. He is not skipping inappropriate hugs and cuddles from old time sluts πŸ˜’

Me : Why are you calling an innocent person such terrible names and how does an irresponsible driver compare to me giving a friend a hug? Really now !!!

Wife : Hehehehe. Do you want her? Am I standing in your way? Let me out of the car, go to her. I'm not stopping you πŸ˜”πŸ˜’

Me : Baby have I ever given you any reason not to trust me? . . . . . Ever . . . . 😏

Wife : πŸ™„. . . . (folding hands and still in a silent rage mood and mode )

Me : Answer me babe….

Wife : Just drive the car.

Me : Mmmmm…..na wa o🌝

Silence for 5 minutes.

Wife : (Talking to herself). Hmmm. Childhood friend indeed