Apostle Johnson Suleman reacts amusingly to a loverboy’s difficult relationship troubles as he arrives for help during church.

A viral video from Omega Fire Ministries, led by the controversial pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman, has sparked interest online.

In the video, Apostle Johnson Suleman is seen giggling excessively as the loverboy recounts his trauma.

The young man who was telling his story during the church service did not specify the reason of the problem between himself and his girlfriend, but he did state that after a quarrel, the woman called it quits and offered to repay him for all he had ever spent on her.

The loverboy said that he had used a calculator and a pen to compute all of his costs and submitted the amount to her.

He was expecting his money to be placed into his bank account when the girl informed him that he needed to come and retrieve it physically. When she came, the girl begged him since she realized she didn’t have any money to pay.

The girlfriend advises that they forgive each other and continue their relationship, perplexing the lover guy. This encouraged him to think about his possibilities throughout the church service.

Apostle Johnson Suleman claimed that they were both idiots, and that the boy, in particular, should have handled the issue appropriately. The assembly was constantly roaring with laughter.

Watch the video below…