Choose a good partner who will be there for you at old age. How you treat a woman will determine how she will treat you at old age.

Never you choose alcohol and friends over your woman.

 Friendship and companionship keeps marriage going. The body will eventually get old and you won't have the urge for it. The children you train will eventually, leave and build their home 

It will get to a stage, It will just be you and your partner. What will make it fun is the friendship. You gist together, play together, pray together and many more.

Marry a good woman, a good woman is everything. 

Treat your wife and children well because at old age, they will pay you back depending on your relationship with them  

Some men tend to spend time with Friends at the bar and viewing center more than their family . When you get old, most of those friends will not give you the attention you need. They too will be focusing on their own family.