Nollywood actresses Uju Okoli and Destiny Etiko have openly chastised Sarah Martins for indicting Adanma Luke in the death of Jnr Pope.

Pope Jnr. and some crew members died in a boating accident while returning from a movie shoot produced by Adanma Luke.

Despite rumours that he was retrieved from the water and revived, he finally passed away.

Sarah Martins took to Instagram to call out Adanma Luke for failing to provide life jackets for her cast members who were crossing the water.

She wrote; “Finally we lost him!

Very nonsense low budget movie trying to raise local standards without providing the necessary amenities!

Now we’ve lost a star, a father, a son, a brother, a husband and innocent crew members hustling to feed their families!

Adanma Luck you do this one!”

Her fellow colleagues Uju Okoli and Destiny Etiko came to Adanma’s defense, scolding Sarah Martins for her statement.