Nigerian missionary Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has waded into the travails of controversial cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, who was sentenced to six months in jail without the option of a fine for Naira abuse. 


In a Facebook post on Saturday, April 14, 2024, the priest said a lot of people have Bobrisky's personality as ‘’what they show in public is far from who they truly are behind closed doors. ‘’


He wrote;


Between Mr Idris and Ms Bob. On a more personal note, I can only imagine the amount of work Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju puts in on himself every single day to maintain and service the public side of him called Bobrisky.


I bet you, some of you will not know this... I can assure you, it is a constant battle between Idris and Bob.


For example, Idris will come out in public, but it is Bob people are seeing and hailing. Idris is controlling the body's internal mechanisms, but na Bob dey collect the romance and glory. Idris wants to respect the brotherhood as Portable advised, but Bob says it must be the sisterhood.


And yet, Bob will commit a crime, but na Idris go suffer am.


It is just like that 'Esther- Establish" trend of how Esther was black and broke and later got Established when she saw money... But in Idris' case, it became even more twisted.


Idris was black and broke, but when Idris jam Bob, Bob-risky his existence.


Imagine someone who does not have a pelvic girdle and yet looks all hipsy. Do you think it is a small work that is put in there?


Or for someone who does not have bøøbs, but is all bøøbsy to the extent of winning the award of best-dressed female among real females. Do you think it is a small work?


It is crazy the extent of stress people go through just to be something other than their real selves.


A lot of us have this Idris-Bob's personality, especially in character. There is an Idris side of us, and another side called Bob. What you present to us in public is far from who you truly are. 


You keep showing us Bob to attract attention or sympathy or to lure us, whereas you are Idris. To gain favour and popularity, you have dumped your Idris to embrace Bob (a life of deceit and shows), you are being hailed on social media, but you forget that being Bob is more risky... because no matter how you fake it, one day, the Idris in you will still come out for the world to see and that will be to your eternal shame."