Gbenga Adeyinka, the 1st

Never have I seen one so cheerful and excited after a show. 

The renowned laughter merchant, Gbenga Adeyinka, the 1st, needed to express such a sense of fulfilment after the successful execution of his show just a few days ago. 

Obviously, one of Africa's best comedians/entertainers, Adeyinka, launched out in an all-around energetic comic routine with a unique style, which he has perfected over the years.

The happy go lucky comedian had his show at the popular Lighthouse venue in Camberwell, and London came all out for him! When I say London,  I mean many Nigerians who grew up in the 80s and late 70s, who have now fully relocated to the United Kingdom . 

Adeyinka, in his usual fashion, took his audience down memory lane as he sang folktale songs, nursery rhymes, and popular hit songs of yesteryears. 

The audience burst out in laughter, merriment, and sang along, expressing nostalgic feelings.  

The top comic character created a whole new atmosphere that night.   

To kickstart the show, aspiring acts and some London based established comedians entertained the crowd who were tickled before Adeyinka's grand entry.

However, before then, a live band - The Aristos - performed to the delight of the audience! A very good Band they were. The band thrilled the audience nonstop with unlimited popular songs. You can imagine how wild it made all go...

Finally, the man of the moment came on stage to entertain the crowd. It was awesome! The crowd couldn't get enough of his rib-cracking jokes, and it was laughter all the way. 

As the show crawled to a close, the ever jolly and graceful Adeyinka moved through the audience,  appreciating his fans for coming out for the night.  Fans in turn jolted around him to take pictures.  He was very free with everyone, as he was being pulled in all directions.  He loved it. He had thrilled and fully entertained them, and they were delighted.  

It was a great show indeed!

   MC OJB. UK Based Comedian