Self-acclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi and other Nigerians have condemned the recent cover shoot Rihanna had for the Interview magazine, in which the singer depicted the image of a seductive nun. 

In a post shared on his X handle, Solomon described the image as sacrilegious and disrespectful to Catholics and Christians in general. 

He wrote;

‘’Rihana did this shoot depicting a sexualized nun, and it is sacrilegious and disrespectful to Catholics and the Christian faith in general. Every element of the Christian faith is worthy of reverence and respect from non-Christians. It worries me how Christians hype celebrities who constantly disrespect the most important figure in their lives. 

Most of you wouldn’t take anyone disrespecting your physical family like this, you’d cut them off, but Rihanna can disrespect your faith, and you’d still stan her, because your religion isn’t that deep for you?

These worldly celebrities can be creative and artsy without soiling symbols of the Christian culture.''

Other Nigerians have also condemned the shoot, saying celebrities never have the courage to mimic clerics of other religions in such a disrespectful manner. See the divergent reactions below…