The twins.

Identical twins who are students of the Federal University of Technology, FUTA, Akure, have narrated why women who desire to give birth to twins usually ask them to touch their stomachs and pray for them to give birth to twins.

Daniel and David Oyakhilome, undergraduate students of Industrial Design and Applied Geophysics respectively at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, in a recent interview with the school share a lot of similar characteristics and shared interests, such as the love for chess and involvement in school politics.

The professional chess players, who won gold medal in Chess for FUTA at the 2022 Nigerian Universities Games, in a recent interview with the school, stated that beyond individual field of study, they intend to become grandmasters of the chess game.

In the interview published on the school Facebook page, David said, “I am a bit more jovial and friendlier than Daniel; Daniel is more gentle and reserved.

“We have different shapes of our forehead, I have a small mark beneath my eyes, while Daniel doesn’t. Our smiles are also different.”

Daniel also affirmed these differences

He noted, “David is slightly talller than me; he is also slightly fatter than me. David has a wider face while I have a bigger forehead.”

The twins stated that they have always enjoyed the privilege of being twins while growing up till now.

Daniel added, “Yes. Almost everywhere we go, we can always feel the multiple eyes gazing at us in awe, and most times, we dress the same way from top to bottom, drawing a lot of attention. 

"Also, we get to hear from a lot of people about how they love twins, and they would like to have one. We have been approached by people, mostly women, asking us to touch their stomachs and pray for them to give birth to twins. 

"Sometimes, when we would go out with our mom, there would be people showering prayers on her and on us as well. There have also been times when people gifted us with various things like money and clothes with the aim of "sowing seeds to give birth to twins." And there are people who want to be friends with us just because we are twins.”

The identical twins said they dream of becoming chess grandmasters in the future.