More details have emerged regarding the attack that saw Korra Obidi ‘’stabbed and bathed with acid'' in the UK.

Nancy Umeh, the elder sister of Korra Obidi, took to her Instagram Stories to narrate how Korra was allegedly attacked.

The dancer said she was stabbed outside her rented Airbnb in Westminster,  London.

The attacker is said to be a black woman, who looks like she is from East Africa. She had on a hoodie to conceal her face during the attack.

The woman allegedly poured acid on Korra's face and then stabbed her in her hand while threatening to stab her all over her body.

According to Nancy, the attacker was aiming for Korra's stomach but because Korra is fit and athletic, she was able to avoid being stabbed in the stomach and the attacker stabbed her hand instead.

Nancy added that Korra would have been dead had she not been fit enough to protect herself.

Nancy said she has called the Met Police to report the attack and an investigation is underway.

"I no longer feel safe in this country," Nancy, who had been spending some time abroad with her sister, said.

Watch Nancy narrate the attack in the video below. in teary video