Following the demise of talented Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, netizens have dug up a video of a Ghanaian Prophet prophesying about his death.

The Ghanaian prophet, who made the prophecy last year in an interview, had warned the actor against spiritual attack from his family. He had warned the actor to cross-check his father’s side because there was darkness on him.

He stated that someday, bad news would fall on him, which would leave the country devastated as he claimed that his father’s side was throwing accidents his way.

“Junior Pope a guy in the Nigerian movie industry, who is doing very well, I want to send a message to him. He should cross-check his father’s side because the darkness on him has no timer. One day, bad news go fall for Naija, and we go regret it because the curse from his father’s side is throwing accident his way in the spiritual world”.

 The video has since caused a stir online and has left many talking.

One I Am Big Bash wrote, “Prophecy is real but plenty fake ones dey

One Ovie0147 wrote, “This one na only Nigeria he dey see prophecy for oo

One Igbobian Nation wrote, “All this pastor no get one single power and truth for mouth. Lie lie and format na full their head

One Godson Amg wrote, “Prophecies are powerful, that’s why you have to reject any had prophecy immediately

One Mirabel Xx wrote, “You all debut don’t intercede to prevent it, abeg I’m tired of all this”.

It was a black Wednesday as Nollywood lost another of its beloved actors, Junior Pope.

The talented movie star was said to have drowned while returning from a movie location with his colleagues in a boat when they fell into Anam River in Anambra State. Hours later, it was reported that the actor was still alive and had been taken to the Water Shrine for some cleansing after which he was taken to the hospital, where he eventually gave up after hours of battling for his life.

Confirming his death, the AGN president expressed sadness over his demise as he noted how their joy was short-lived. He stated that his first post was out of excitement when he noticed his tingling fingers. Unfortunately, two hospitals tried their best to revive him but to no avail.

Following his untimely demise, his family members and the community where he died are currently battling for his body. According to reports, some people in the community are insisting that the actor must be buried in the river because they believe it is necessary for his children and the community’s well-being.

it was also learned that another group of people is saying the family should take the body to a specific shrine where a certain herbalist in charge of the river will supposedly bring him back to life. Emeka Rollas, the AGN president, and some Nollywood actors are said to be pushing for his body to be taken to the shrine.