It was indeed a divine spectacle, one laced with unquenchable fun, laughter, cheer with "holy" displays and performances.

All of these and more happened when popular Nigeria Cleric, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, better known as Odumeje Indabosky Bahose, took centre stage at the much anticipated London 2024, Power or Nothing Show, a few nights ago.

Initially, many couldn't really make out what the Odumeje Indabosky's show was all about. Nonetheless, for his die-hard fans, nothing could stop them as they rushed in their hundreds to the lighthouse venue, to see the self acclaimed man of God as he officially launched his single, entitled Power, featuring, top Nigerian artist, Flavour Na' bania

The fans were not disappointed as Odumeje, who also fondly refers to himself as the 'The Lion and The liquid mental', gave them a memorable musical experience that would for a long time be remembered

A prophet, an entertainer, a public figure, it doesn't really matter how you want to view this personality, but one thing you can't take away from him is that Odumeje is a showman! 

The hall, which was initially scanty at about 9pm, was all of a sudden full to capacity - even to the overflow. It was as if fans had timed his entry, which was about10pm.

I can't give an accurate timing of how long he was on stage for, as he performed one hit after the other; however , I must confess that I was lost ( just as many were) in the euphoria of his performance and passionate display on stage.

His entrance to the stage was as dramatic and gripping as the late King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, would have done it, well, close!

Odumeje's performance was nothing short of electrifying! Trust me, that was how many described his not-too-long time on stage. As he left, fans called on him to stay back because they wanted some more.

For one who attends events as much as I do, I was surprised to see an entirely different crowd! Not your everyday concert goers. I am talking about well-respected members of the Nigerian community in the UK. Captains of industries, dignitaries, business owners, and community leaders. I was also in awe of how he managed to grab the attention of many from the Afro-carribean community.  

Apart from Nigerians, people from Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Jamaican, and South Africa were present at the event.

As he performed to the delight of the crowd, excited fans showered the controversial Prophet with money.

One of the attendees was reckless in the spraying of money as he hit Odumeje in the face with wads of notes. That quickly passed.

While some might raise eyebrows concerning the mixture of religion and entertainment, it was glaring that here is a man who is obviously multitalented and has so much to give his followers.

After the show, some of the fans describe it as nothing but mesmerising.

"Odumeje is bold and true to his purpose. His performance is a sincere artistic endeavour - It's all about the man who has got the power!

   Stealing a quick selfie with Odumeje as he left the stage.

   Kefey, Linda, Rose Graham and Celine

   Legendary Mr Tee and Rose Graham

  Organiser - Kachi (Kashman Entertainment)

Follow YouTube link for the clips from the event