Members of the royal family are believed to be “recoiling” at Rebel Wilson’s confession about a person in the Firm.

In her new book, Rebel Rising, the 44-year-old actress revealed a male member of the family who was “fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne” invited her to drug parties.

The Pitch Perfect star keeps the identity of the royal under the wraps, leading to the royal watchers left reeling at the revelation, as they scramble to figure out the royal member involved in the dodgy act.

According to the Daily Mail, there are several members of the royal family who have been involved in, or previously admitted to, substance use.

Honorary mention for Prince Harry, who boasted about taking cocaine “a few times” in his memoir, Spare.

King Charles' stepson Tom Parker Bowles also admitted to the same, however, it is pertinent to note he is not part of the royal line of succession.

Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Queen Elizabeth's first cousin Prince Michael of Kent, is also notorious for his admission of taking cocaine after he was caught partying at a London pub.