Martins Vincent Otse, better known as Verydarkman, a social media activist, accuses media personality Daddy Freeze of backbiting by claiming that Davido labelled VDM as chatty.

In an Instagram post, VDM accused Daddy Freeze of frequently saying in media appearances that Davido told him he was tired of him because he talks too much.

Verydarkman added that the renowned singer does not provide for his needs or expenses, nor does he pay him, thus he has no say over what he publishes or does not post on his page.

He expressed his disgust with Daddy Freeze’s gossiping and emphasised that his connection with Davido borders on friendship.

“Daddy Freeze while you are going about telling people that you and Davido discussed about me and he said I talk too much and he is tired let me tell you something @davido does not tell me what to post on my page.

“He cannot do that, he doesn’t feed me, he doesn’t clothe me, he doesn’t pay my rent. I Martins Vincent Otse a.k.a Very Dark Man cover my expenses. David na my guy na where e end. So @daddyfreeze add this to your backbiting,” he wrote.

It is worth noting that VDM and Daddy Freeze have always been on the wrong notes with each other.