Junior & Sylvester.

Some of you may know him, but majority of you may not know that Nollywood actor, producer and singer, Sylvester Madu had his roots deep in Christ as he does not jokes nor is he ashamed to be so identified with Jesus.

In the midst of the total ceox and turmoil in the Nollywood industry today, Sylvester has found the solution to be for members of his second family, Nollywwod to be spiritual and has suggested that for there to be spiritual cleansing with fasting and prayer.

According to the husband of one wife who is also an actor and Social Media content provider, and father to two boys, Nollywood should take between 15th and 21st of April as the days for the fasting and prayer he is suggesting.

Sylvester opined that God is the only solution the movie industry needs today and seeking His face in this of need isn't a bad idea as other ideas from the world has failed us, hence the need to return to Him.

The tragic boat capsize that claimed the live of actor, Junior Pope and four others should be an eye opener for practitioners in Nollywood, therefore the call by people like Sylvester who understands spiritual things and I hope this call would be heeded to.