An eye witness has revealed what caused the boat accident that led to the death of Nollywood actor, John Paul Odonwodo popularly known as Junior Pope on Wednesday, April 10.

Roseonallsides had reported that the actor lost his life after drowning while on a boat on his way back from the movie set.

According to the eye witness, the boat carrying Jnr Pope hit another boat carrying other passengers resulting in the collapse of both boats in the river .

The eye witness said the rider of the boat Jnr Pope was on, failed to see an oncoming boat on time, hence the clash. Unfortunately there were no divers around to help rescue the victims. 

The witness also claimed that some of the victims held unto the rope of a boat after it capsized and later rested on the boat while waiting for help. Fortunately, help arrived on time as people on another boat spotted them and rescued them.

So far, three bodies including Jnr Pope's have reportedly been recovered, while a search is ongoing to recover the bodies of other victims .

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