Ben Affleck is at risk of 'hitting bottom' if the actor and Jennifer Lopez parted ways in the near future.

In a conversation with The Mirror, psychiatrist Dr Carole Lieberman claimed the Hollywood A-lister's marriage would not last long. 

Speaking of the couple's news making love story, the medical expert shared, "Jen ran to Ben on the rebound after Alex Rodriguez cheated on her. Ben was her security blanket. She knew he still loved her and that he would kiss her tears away."

She added, "There were clues from the beginning that something wasn't quite right, such as their having more than one ceremony in order to be sure the deal was sealed."

"Also, they went house hunting, putting money down and even moving in - but then changing their mind, Carole shared. 

The psychiatrist accused Lopez of 'playing' with Affleck's 'heart.' She added, "He will be heartbroken when they divorce and is at risk of hitting bottom like never before."

It is pertinent to mention that for the past few days, reports have been circulating on the media that Affleck and Lopez are "heading for divorce."

However, no comments have been made by the couple till now about their marital status.