Singer Simi recently took to Instagram to announce the exciting news of her upcoming collaboration with Falz. The highly anticipated song is scheduled to be released this Friday, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled.

In her Instagram post, Simi playfully challenged her followers to guess the title of the song, and the response from her fans was nothing short of amazing. They flooded the comments section with their imaginative and creative guesses, showcasing their love and support for the talented duo.

It’s truly heartwarming to see the incredible bond between Simi and her fans, as they eagerly await the release of this much-anticipated track. The anticipation is building, and there’s no doubt that this collaboration will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Check out some of the reactions from fans below:

a.d.e.j.o.k.e11 , “Those that selected Falz on the poll, gather here. The front line is for you”

lorladeyy “Can’t wait to abuse the song”

a.d.e.i.o.k.e11 “Get your speakers ready. The best duo is about to take over!!!!! You shey waaaa”

the_suliart “Let’s prepare to add this one to the rest of the hit that this duo @symplysimi × @falzthebahdguy have given us in the past. Who is readyyyyyy cause 1 ammmmmmm”

abdulgaffarakiyode “I’ve missed you two together!!”

walechasis “PHYSICS”

_a.d.e.r.o.n.k.e “I’m ready like mad!!! I know you two are up to something!!!!…| am readdyyy”

_readwon “Big love mama, kindly Stream Unaware”

queen_laamie “Suspense is the best so I’m not gonna say anything”

uchino.amatey “Excited for this collab. I miss you both”

favouribadu wrote, “Hmm, could it be a podcast??? Woo00o anyone, let’s have it.”

sharon.e.wealth “What’s cooking?”

i.a.r.m.a “We need a joint album after this”

precieberry “Mind your bizness”

tiwatope “I really can’t wait for the magic”

thedigitalyeni “We are not worthy but you made us worthy @symplysimi @falzthebahdguy we can’t wait”

koga_sax “I just hope its not Tatashe or Tomato, we never recover from the price hike of Rodo oh”