Bovi Ugboma, a Nigerian comedian and actor, shared his story of overcoming life challenges and battling against two formidable foes who nearly defeated him.

On his Instagram account, Bovi described a moment where it felt like Jesus was watching as he confronted a threat from the depths of hell.

He revealed that he had faced two strong adversaries, a man and a woman, but decided not to reveal their names to shield his family from potential harm.

“How Jesus nonchalantly stood aside and watched the host of hell come for me.

I once had two very powerful enemies. One Man and one woman. I will withhold their identities for the safety of my loved ones that may not be fortified. As for me, I don’t need any protection, I’m charmed as I have come to find out.

I thought I could go through life without having enemies. I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t come for them, they will come for you. Nothing stays the same.

My male enemy suffered from the spirit of covetousness. Everything I owned, he wanted. It became so bad that I pretended to like shit so he fell in love with shit and he became full of shit.

My female enemy suffered from the spirit of jealousy. She was so jealous that whatever I aimed to get, if she was in the room, she would kill it. She had a very demonic persuasion that convinced angels God sent to help me.

My offense; I was light, she was darkness.

So one day, she took an opportunity meant for me and gave it to him. It was the first time, they were coming together to attack me even though he were never friends in the first place. But I wasn’t surprised cos you know what they say; the enemy if my enemy is my friend.

I put my disappointment past me and wrote a text to two of them. Though their sins were different, the same message sufficed for both of them. I said “I see you and all you do. Don’t stop till you dance naked in the market.”