Ify Onyegbule, Nigeria’s esteemed journalism icon, celebrates her 51st birthday with a series of stunning photographs. 

The Director General of Imo State Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) shared these images with the following heartfelt message:

"This is 51...!

Take me as I am!

Love me, warts and all, and I will love you back.

Thank you, family and friends, for without you, there would be no me... for real!"

Ms. Ify Onyegbule, a trailblazer in the media industry, is renowned for her transformative contributions to broadcasting. 

Her innovative approaches to content development and community engagement have significantly impacted the Fourth Estate. 

This milestone not only marks her 51st year but also her first anniversary as the Director General of Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC).

Recently, Ms. Onyegbule was honoured with the City People Special Award of Excellence, further cementing her legacy in the field.

From all of us here at roseonallsides.com, dear Ify, we acknowledge your resilience and dedication. You have not achieved your success by merely looking the part; your determination and work ethic have been pivotal. You are a go-getter with a beautiful soul. We love you and wish you continued success and happiness as you celebrate this special occasion. 

God bless you!