Yul Edochie, a controversial actor, has revealed why he did not attend the burial of his late colleague, Junior Pope.

Yul took to his social media to explain his absence and lack of involvement in the burial ceremony.

He acknowledged that many people are curious about his reasons for not attending. Yul mentioned that Junior Pope was like a brother to him, but he had betrayed him multiple times.

While he did not provide specific details about their conflicts, Yul promised to share more exclusive information about the betrayal.

His words read …

“I didn’t want to say anything till after

his burial.

I know many asked why I wasn’t


Why I haven’t said anything about it


I took him like a brother & good

friend. I was there for him when he

needed me.

But he stabbed me in the back,


That’s LIFE!

I’ll drop the full details soon so

others can learn from it.

Be careful what you wish people, it

could come to you.”

justice_for_judy_kpekus_ remarked: “Oga rest, even in death JP is better and bigger than you. He became your enemy when he supported the truth (May)”

princesschioma penned: “My dear is better you keep quiet .. he stabbed you at the back how? Maybe because he advices you rightly …. mr yul please let this one go. He is dead and can’t defend himself and we self no go live forever. Let it be”

Reactions have followed …

brownsugar_steph asked: “What happened to forgiveness pastor?”

jenelanifa commented: “He stabbed you, but you didn’t say when he was alive. He is not here to defend himself and neither can we judge based on your own side of the story so just rest sir. No need .”