Kate Middleton is still getting ahead of tasks despite her cancer treatment.

The Princess of Wales may be taking a break from public royal duties, as she convalesces from her cancer treatment, but she is working behind the scenes.

Prince William, who had also taken a break to support his wife and care for their three children during the challenging time, resumed his public duties last week.

Meanwhile, Kate, who is staying at Adelaide Cottage, will likely be performing some behind the scenes roles before her return to the public, per a royal historian, Marlene Koenig.

“All you need to do is look at her patronages, charities, her commitment to education and see what her focus has been since marrying William,” Koenig told GB News.

Kate launched the Shaping Us campaign in 2023 to raise public awareness of the childcare during the first five years. She also previously launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021, which raises awareness of the importance of the early years.

When asked about the much-anticipated return of the princess, the historian shared she has “no idea.”

She added, “That is a decision between the Princess of Wales and her doctors.”