Man offers N2 million to Abuja barber, vows to make him rich forever for challenging Davido

An influencer has offered a huge reward of N2 million to an Abuja-based barber who was involved in a heated dispute with Nigerian music singer Davido.

The issue began when Davido, renowned for his outspokenness on social media, had a public fight with an Abuja barber known as Kallystouch on Instagram.

The controversy arose from the barber’s claim that another Nigerian music singer, Wizkid, owned the number one spot in the business, relegating Davido to third place (003).

Davido quickly replied to the claim, expressing sorrow that the barber had missed the opportunity to give him a haircut during his visit to Abuja.

He bemoaned how this squandered chance had hampered the Abuja barber’s “generation blessing.”

“kallystouch I don save ur picture I for come Abuja. U for cut my hair wey don almost finish but u like social media. My last 3 barbers I open shop for them. Nah so u dull ur generation blessing smh.” Davido said.

Despite Davido’s criticism, Kallystouch maintained his stand, reinforcing Wizkid’s superiority in his perspective.

However, the confrontation took an unexpected turn when a Twitter personality known as @MrDablue intervened with a stunning offer.

@MrDablue contributed nearly N2 million to the Abuja barber, noting that Davido’s rank did not imply divine power, and so dissident voices deserved attention and compensation.

In the influencer’s words:

“Who has that barber guy’s contact, 2 million naira for him. Davido is not God. Someone just sent me 200k to add to this, this guy will be rich forever.”

The influencer’s gesture ignited a wave of reactions on social media.

Netizens Reactions…

@onlyonekesh_ said; “Mumu go and apologize na.”

@olanrewaju_985 said; “Bro thinks wizkid is gonna open shop for him.”

@rosythrone said; “He’s not his God” key point!! Davido acting like it’s over for the guy, as if all those shouting 001 have made it in life. Mtcheew.”

@_peaceful_baddie reacted; “But davido is not his God honestly.”

@Maltlani50 said; “On Top how much? E no go spend the money again. Talk Is Cheap.”

@Jay_p013 said; “On top 2m. Rich forever.”

@Chrisanditscity said; “One session’s fees for high school education in private schools – N6m. The “rich” send their children there. I bet he would.”

@oyecookitup reacted; “Rich forever ke? For 2.2 million? dfkm.

@Gliterz_ said; “That your personal barber, how much you don give am? Weh you the find stranger to support? Those hundry children for street, how many weh you don feed? Clout chaser.”

@sallyewea reacted; “Na still Davido make am get the support because he mentioned him. Na him time.”