May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, is causing a stir online. Reports suggest that she is ready to embark on her own successful career in the film industry, following in her husband’s footsteps.

On May 17th, her legal team made an exciting announcement on Instagram. They revealed that May, a dedicated mother of three, will be making her debut in Nollywood, starring alongside popular actor Zubby Michael in a highly anticipated film called “I Choose You.”

This news has created a buzz on social media, with many eagerly awaiting May’s performance.

It’s a surprising turn of events, as Yul Edochie’s star seems to be fading while May, who never sought fame, is now set to shine brightly in Nollywood.

DPA wrote;

“Queen May has featured in a new Nolywood movie with veteran actor Zubby Michael titled ” I choose you”,

Nigerians stand still awaiting for this hot banger..How the table turned. The star ceased to be a star. A desperate wannabe star is not getting anywhere.

And the one who had no ambition for stardom has become the newest and hottest star that Nollywood will ever see. That is the law of unintended consequence.”