Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are unlikely to lose their royal titles, as Meghan would simply adopt a new one if that happened, according to a royal commentator.

Questions have arisen about whether Harry could lose his royal title if he fully embraced US citizenship. If he were to obtain a US visa, he would need to take the Oath of Allegiance and renounce all allegiance to any foreign prince, state, or sovereign.

Harry and Meghan stepped back from their royal duties and moved to the US in 2020, but they continue to use their duke and duchess titles for charity work and to build their personal brand. 

There have also been calls for the couple to lose their titles due to their lucrative contracts with Netflix and Penguin Random House, which some argue they capitalize on through their royal status.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward spoke about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal titles and the likelihood that they would be taken away from them.

She said: “I don't think anything will happen to the titles because, if they lose their titles, Harry is still a prince of the blood and Meghan instead of being the Duchess of Sussex, [would] be Princess Henry.

“That really would [confuse the Americans]. I think [it's] probably best just to leave it because it looks unkind, it looks unnecessary."

The couple used their royal titles for their new website which promotes the Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions.

Meghan also used her Duchess of Sussex name to launch a new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard.

Ingrid continued: “The Queen gave them the titles, let them keep them - they're going to be 'H and M' anyway. I think the best thing is to leave them, ignore them, and let them get on with it - which is really what the Palace and the Royal Family are doing."

Prince Harry’s full name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David, therefore, Meghan could be known as Princess Henry as traditionally a princess can adopt the title using her husband’s name upon marriage.