Tiwa Savage, the internationally acclaimed Afrobeat Queen, also known as Tiwatope Savage, has been actively promoting her new movie, Water & Garri.

At a recent movie premiere, she introduced the team behind the movie and shared insights on the two-year journey to bring the project to life.

Tiwa Savage mentioned that the idea for Water & Garri came to her while she was intoxicated in her room.

Despite initial doubts, her team embraced the concept, refined it, and successfully brought it to the public.

Tiwa Savage disclosed that acting was her initial passion, but she transitioned to music due to personal reasons.

Here are some of the comments that trailed Tiwa Savage’s revelation:

theladycarolineossaiofcanada: “No wonder. 2 years my foot.”

labyannie: “Lmao okay now we get it 2years.”

kunmi_a1: “She was drunk tru tru.”

just_emah: “No wonder, the movie be like drunk project.”

i.am.hethunu: “No wonder but please don’t try it again.”

the_poshlady: “Tiwa has now told us why the project issa flop it was conceived under the influence.”

chocolate__musk: “No wonder I no understand Wetin I watch.”

chefchynny: “I for say.”

al__jaami: “She is the Christopher Nolan of Nigeria I hope we can see more of these movies…complicating stories….the balance between love and pains…no be everytime be gang war films….”

wynn_ie: “The graphics of the lettering used at the beginning to give credit to those involved in the film, is more important than the film itself!”

abisolababy_peperempe: “No wonder….person wey no drunk no suppose do that kain movie…..Pele love.”