Angela & Mercy.

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has taken to social media to express her grievances against fellow actor, Mercy Johnson Okojie.

Okorie's Instagram story became a platform for airing her frustrations, as she called out what she perceives as nefarious activities within the industry.

Okorie minced no words, declaring that it's time for reckoning in Nollywood, singling out Mercy Johnson in particular.

She questioned why Johnson seemed to be transforming into a goat instead of a snake, metaphorically alluding to deceptive behavior.

Further stoking the flames, Okorie reflected on the consequences of past actions, highlighting instances where destinies were purportedly intertwined to disastrous effect.

She urged followers to pray for spiritual discernment, suggesting a pervasive presence of malevolent forces at play.

Promising even more revelations, Okorie teased a forthcoming live session on Instagram that would shock the world. 

She framed this as a pivotal moment for Nollywood, signaling a call for liberation from hidden agendas and obscured destinies.

She wrote:

"Time up!!

Time up 4 the killings!

Time up for the blood sucking demons.

Time up for evil doers in Nollywood.

Time up for Mercy J.

After this prayers, I pray some of you don’t turn to Goat. Cos I don’t know why she is turning into a goat instead of Snake.

God abeg o.

"Ife neme kwa nu uwa Jesus.

How you go just tey tey tey people like that. Now your mama wey tey you and people together don die, wetin people go do now wey your mama don pack people’s destiny die.

Hmm God abeg o

"As God is revealing things if una like make una believe if una like make una no believe, just pray to God to open your spiritual eyes to see how all these evil people tie people’s destiny.

"This weekend will be hot. I promise you, fam. The only thing I ask for you is continuous prayers. The kingdom of darkness is shaking already. We are going to lose every stronghold, killing or holding innocent lives in captivity. We are going to pull them down, remember, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities of this world

"Today, I will bring someone on Live that will shock everybody. This world is wicked. Nollywood is time for liberation. While we come in life, the world will be praying too cos God is about to liberate so many people that their glory have been covered for so many years. Say Amen if you have believe”.