Junior Pope & Wife, Jennifer.

The Nigerian entertainment industry, especially the Nollywood side of the industry was thrown into mourning on the 10th of April 2024 when the boat or would we say, canoe conveying Nollywood actor, John Paul Obumneme Odonwodo, popularly known as Junior Pope and other Nollywood practitioners, capsized in the Anam community side of the River Niger, taking the life of the actor and some other behind the scene people.

Since after the death of Junior Pope, there had been varied degree of crises that rocked the industry with accusation and counter accusations flying everywhere, from calling his wife, Jennifer Awele whom he claimed to have met on Facebook to people saying his colleague actor who survived the boat accident, TC Okafor, to Actor and singer, Angela Okorie calling out her colleague, Zuby Michael who was literally forced to mourn Junior Pope.

It has actually been a period of accusations and counter accusations until the new finding by "Precious Eze's Blog" revealed exactly what may have happened  or led to the death of the 42yrs old actor while on the line of duty.

Yes, we acknowledge the fact that Junior Pope encountered a barrage of challenges in Nollywood as an actor, both within and outside the industry, with fellow actors and sometimes with sone of those who claim to be the owners of the industry, that is, the producers and directors, but that was not and could not have been the cause of his death.

It is revealed to "Precious Eze's Blog" that the area Junior Pope is from in Enugu State, it is forbidden for their wives to have an affair with any other man so long as they are alive and they are neither divorced or separated. 

This was the custom "Precious Eze's Blog" was told his wife, Jennifer Awele broke by having an affair with other men including her former boyfriend, whom she was dating before she met Junior.

It is revealed that in this aforementioned custom, any married woman who is involved with another man asides her husband and it is discovered, the husband must not eat any food she prepares for him and she must perform some rituals before she can reconcile with the him and the man must forgive her from the bottom of his heart.

But this platform was informed exclusively that this was not the case as Jennifer and Junior were quarreling over this matter, to the extent that they were fighting till some days before he embarked on the river trip that took his life, but a day to this final trip, which by calculation, was either 8th or 9th of April, Jennifer was said to have knelt on her knees, with tears on her eyes, apologized to her husband, who, out of love, forgave him.

After they both reconciled as husband and wife, she made him Jollof rice and served him to eat, this was why Junior Pope was said to have arrived late to location on the day of shoot, because he was busy with family matters.

So, after eating the last super, without allowing this woman perform the statutory ritual for cleansing of her infidelity, he did not return.

So, forget the accusations and counter accusations flying on Social Media, this here, was exactly what led to the death of the young Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope.

Some of us are wondering if Jennifer Awele knew about this tradition prohibiting her from infidelity or she simply wanted to kill him by herself. Because if she knew her actions would affect him this bad to the extent of taking his life, why cook for him to eat the day he was to embark on a River trip?