British radio and television host Roman Kemp has shared his experience of meeting with Kate Middleton and Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace.

Kemp, 31, described the moment he met the Duke of Sussex as "fine" but recalled Harry’s "weird" request when he joined him in the DJ booth.

“It was very weird. Prince Harry was on the decks with me at one point which was very strange. He was fine. The only thing he said was, ‘Make sure you’ve not got the swearing edits of the rap songs' and I was like yeah, don’t worry, you’re good," the presenter told The Times.

Kemp also shared his experience of having unforgettable interaction with Princess Kate at the garden party. She took a shine to Roman’s documentary Our Silent Emergency on mental health.

The host has openly spoken about young men’s mental health since the suicide of his best pal. His documentary, which won a National Television Award, is also shown in schools.

Future Queen Kate, who's currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy following her cancer diagnosis, thought this would be a good addition to a short film she made for her Shaping Us mental health campaign.

Sharing the moments he experienced with the Princess, Kemp said: "One of the most surreal days of my life. Me, my mum, dad, sister and the princess just chatting round the kitchen table. The weirdest thing is, she took her shoes off at the door. You never really see a princess in her socks."

Kate Middleton, as per reports, offered to film at Kemp’s bachelor pad in south London, but he said: "I don’t think that’s the best idea. My mum and dad have a really nice gaff, let’s go there."

Prince William's wife Kate has since enjoyed a close relationship with the Kemp family and regularly exchanges homemade goods.

Kemp also reacted to the Princess of Kate's cancer announcement, saying: "It broke our hearts when we saw her do the video the other day. I don’t think anyone should be under that level of scrutiny where they have to do that."