Movie producer Hope Omenihu Samuel has disclosed the reasons behind the high number of deaths among actors in the Nollywood industry.

In a conversation with The Sun, Hope Omenihu shared her concerns over the series of unfortunate incidents that has taken place recently.

Hope emphasized the importance of the film industry reevaluating its approach towards actors’ professionalism, even if it entails compromising their own health and safety.

“We need change. If I were put in charge, l would organize seminars on how to take care of ourselves while we are still strong. A lot of us work, work, and work without taking good care of ourselves and before long, we fall sick and begin to treat ourselves with our life’s savings, because of neglect over the years.

“We have to learn that even when we are working so hard, we can still take care of ourselves by eating and resting at the right time. People are dying and falling sick because of total disregard for their personal well-being. This is not right,” she said.