A blast from the past! A photo of Nigerian singer Portable Omolalomi hustling as an Okada rider in his early days has emerged, causing quite a stir online.

The photo, shared by a Facebook user named Razaqi NG, shows Portable among a group of Okada riders on the road, sparking a heated debate about its authenticity.

The post quickly gained attention, with many users expressing doubts about whether the photo is genuine or not.

While some believe that the person in the photo is indeed the singer himself, others argue that it could be a doppelganger who bears a striking resemblance to Portable.

The controversy surrounding this alleged throwback photo has triggered a flurry of reactions from fans and followers of the musician.

Netizens Reactions…

Obayemi Kofoworola Onoja said; “He looks very handsome in this throwback picture.”

Sylvester Okeikenga said; “Don’t give up in this life.”

Tunde Ojo said; “Zero to Grace…..God is wonderful.”

Eniowo Olasehinde said; “Truly is portable, nothing hard for God to do. For God all things are possible.”

VICLA BOY said; “This guy fine for here.”

Ishaq Bolaji said; “Thank God for his life his story make him turm to helper today Portable you will not fall for enemy to rejoice ijmn Amen.

Alicia Steve Agbo said; “Him for continue with him okada coz dat time him fine pass now.”

Ufoma Ochocho asked; “How the guy take be portable ? Make una explain.”

Kelani Murphy said; “Ufoma Ochocho can’t you see trouble in his face?.”

Ufoma Ochocho remarked; “Resemblance dey, but I know no of truly na him.”

Omotola Damilola Adaralegbe said; “See how he fine for here.”

Omodara Odunayo Helen said; “Na this kind of pple we need as a leader in this country They understand the hustle.”