Tayo Faniran, the runner-up of Big Brother Africa (BBA), has expressed his dissatisfaction with the selection process of Big Brother Naija conducted by the organizers.

Taking to Instagram, the reality TV personality criticized the organizers for allegedly hiring individuals with uneventful lives to gain fame.

Tayo highlighted the disparity between his own experience, which involved several years of in-person auditions, and the current option of applying through social media.

He argued that this new approach diminishes the significance of fame.

In a direct message to the show’s organizers, the actor warned that continuing with the current procedure would undermine the platform for future generations.

He made his anger and frustration abundantly clear.

He wrote on his Insta story: “I didn’t like social media because I thought it watered down the value of fame.

“I auditioned for BBN in 2009 and I only made it in 2014, but today any dirty low life with a fruitless life can become popular on the tiny screens.

“It’s such a shame when the bar becomes too low even a rat would jump it effortlessly.

“I am super upset this night, and to all you enablers of mediocrity, continue, you are only ruining the ground your future generations will dwell on.”