A newlywed couple is facing criticism after they posed nude with their groomsmen and bridesmaids at their wedding.

Brazilian influencer Luiza Marcato and her husband, Máximo García, who is from Spain, were officially married earlier this month before a pastor at the wedding registry office in the southeastern Brazil city of São Paulo.

After exchanging vows and trading rings, the couple held a different ceremony at García's home that was attended by members of the adult film industry as well as models.

There, the adult content producer couple hosted a dinner and nude party.

The couple was criticized after photos from their nude wedding party hit the internet.

García's two groomsmen can be seen in their underwear standing in the background surrounded by three naked bridesmaids. 

The couple opted against getting married at a church setting because it was not something they really believed in.

"It's our lifestyle, there's no need to have a traditional ceremony, in church or anything like that," García said, as quoted by Brazilian online news portal G1.

"It is not our reality. We met in this adult environment, it's our world."

Marcato, who invited 15 female friends to García's bachelor party in Rio de Janeiro in May, indicated that they decided to hold an intimate wedding celebration with people they considered to be "really close to us."

"We are not jealous, we love each other and we are liberal," she said.

"We are in the best phase, happy and together."

Garcia said their choice of celebration was not a slap in the face to the custom despite all of the hate that they have received.

"We did the wedding our way. We met in porn, our friends are from porn, we live in that world. Why would it be different?" the porn star said. 

"It is not disrespect for the ritual itself. On the contrary: it is respect for our essence, for who we really are. Happiness bothers you, right?"

Garcia says they are not paying any attention to the negativity and is laughing all the way to the bank.

"To be honest, I don't even see the comments and criticisms anymore. I'm much more than what people say. It may seem like arrogance, but I don't care what people think of me anymore," he said. 

“While they criticize, I earn ($55,000) per month. I now have a wonderful wife, a real relationship, without lies and secrets, our way, and I am building my life and my wealth.”