Prince Andrew has been slammed for adding to King Charles’ already growing pile of problems by refusing to listen to his orders.

Earlier this week, The Times reported on a secret war going on behind palace doors as the King ordered his younger brother to vacate the Royal Lodge.

Instead, the monarch aims to shift him and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to a smaller accommodation, i.e., Frogmore Cottage, previously owned by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

However, the disgraced prince, who was stripped off his royal titles due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein during the late Queen Elizabeth II’s lifetime, is refusing to let go of the royal residence, hiding behind 75-year-long lease on his name.

Writing for the Daily Mirror, royal author Polly Hudson heralded the King for doing what the late Queen “could never quite manage with her favourite child.”

“Charles is being entirely reasonable, and kinder than many would be in his position,” she seethed. “But still Andrew, a man who famously described himself as having “a tendency to be too honourable”, refuses to budge.

“Charles needs support at the moment, not extra battles, but instead his brother is passing up yet another opportunity to do the right thing,” Hudson affirmed.