Prince Harry struggled to contain his emotions as he opened up about his journey of grief following the death of his late mother.

The Duke of Sussex sat down with Nikki Scott, founder of Armed Forces charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers, where he reflected on the emotional aftermath of the tragedy.

Princess Diana passed away in a tragic car crash in Paris, France in 1998 when Harry and his older brother Prince William were 12 and 15 respectively.

“You convince yourself that the person you’ve lost wants you, or you need to be sad for as long as possible to prove to them that they are missed.

“But then there’s this realization of, no, they must want me to be happy,” he said to Nikki, who lost her own husband during the Afghanistan war.

The Spare author has been open about struggling with mental health issues following the loss of his mother and the lack of support from his own family.

In the new video, Harry urged the bereaved children to talk about their feelings to avoid the grief “eat away” your insides.

Borrowing from his own experience, the royal told Mrs. Scott the hardest thing for bereaved children is a mindset of: “I don’t want to talk about it because it makes me sad”.

He explained: “But once realizing that if I do talk about it, I’m celebrating their life, then actually, things become easier as opposed to this ‘I’m just not going to talk about it, and that’s the best form of coping’, when in fact it’s not.

“But that’s what I was saying to (the children), if you suppress this for too long, you can’t suppress it forever, it’s not sustainable and it will eat away at you inside,” added Harry.