Rihanna reached a new milestone that highlights her enduring popularity despite not releasing an album since 2016's Anti. 

On Wednesday, June 12, the music chart tracking account @chartdata on X (formerly Twitter) revealed that Rihanna sold over 1 million total album units in the United States in 2024 alone.

Remarkably, it was noted that she is the only artist to achieve this feat without releasing an album in the 2020s.

Meanwhile, Rihanna responded to this achievement with her signature sense of humor. 

The 36-year-old singer and businesswoman shared a GIF of herself pulling her ponytail with a smirk, followed by a big smile. The playful reaction quickly went viral, racking up over 10 million views and likes from her devoted fans, who are patiently waiting for a new album. 

While Rihanna has remained tight-lipped about details of the highly anticipated album, she has occasionally teased its progress, further fueling excitement among her Navy fanbase.