All work and no play, they say... After MCing the scheduled events, I had to stretch my legs and join in the fun! 

Experiencing the limitless fun in Antalya, Turkey, was truly extraordinary, especially with such a fantastic group of people! Evelyn Mejomafume Ibekeh’s 50th birthday celebration was a remarkable event. The Swandor Hotel and Resort provided the perfect setting for such an elaborate affair.

     Birthday Gal, looking ever so lovely

From the morning Thanksgiving service to the glamorous Gala Night, every moment was meticulously planned. Breakfast and lunch meetings, midnight gatherings, and an abundance of food and drink made for an unforgettable series of events. will soon feature the official photos of the celebration in honor of our lovely Evelyn. In the meantime, enjoy these fun snapshots from the boat trip and various moments around the stunning resort.

Rose Graham with DJ Easy