The spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, has responded to a video actress Laide Bakare released on social media in which she called out some police officers for allegedly harassing her and driving off with her 14-year-old daughter alone in her car. In the video shared online, the actress could be seen yelling at the men in police uniform who stopped her while it was raining. She questioned why they stopped her alone, while allowing other cars to drive by. Read here.

Responding to her callout, Hundeyin in a post shared on X, said the actress was stopped for contavening traffic laws by driving on the lane dedicated to BRT buses. He stated that the actress was made to pay a fine of N70, 000 and no one laid a finger on her  

 ‘’You were stopped for contravening traffic laws by driving on the BRT lane. You chose to create a scene. You chose to remain out of your vehicle when it was being taken to LAMATA office. The officers were not going to succumb to your gimmick to hold them down at that spot. You rightly paid the correct fine for your offence - N70,000 - into government coffers. You left with the receipt and your vehicle. Not a finger was laid on you.''