A Nigerian youth, Anjola Femi, who returned a sum of $14, 000 (over 21 million) mistakenly credited to his account by a foreign crypto trader has been gifted with financial rewards from the crypto community.

As of the time of filing this report, Anjola has been rewarded with over N7.5 million by netizens who were thrilled by his gesture of returning the $14k mistakenly credited to his account.

The excited chemical engineering graduate flaunted his crypto wallet, on Tuesday, showing the influx of credit alerts into his account and the balance.

Anjola had returned $14k (over N21 million) erroneously sent to his account by a foreign crypto trader, @raffayalvi.

After @raffayalvi publicised Femi’s deed on X, netizens requested the young man’s crypto wallet address and have been sending him money.

Anjola said he didn’t keep the money because it didn’t belong to him. At the time of displaying his crypto wallet balance on X, the credit gift had summed to over $5,000 (over N7.5 million).

In a video, Anjola had earlier explained how a white crypto trader mistakenly sent him the money. Femi said he had won $100 (over N150k) worth of Solana from the foreign trader.

In an attempt to credit Anjola his giveaway prize, the foreigner mistakenly sent $14k (over N21 million). The white man immediately messaged Femi to notify him about the erroneous transfer. The Nigerian youth appropriately returned the said sum.